Apartments design

Today you can see any design of the apartment interior with a photo on the Internet. Choosing the styles for finishing Khrushchev, small, one, two, three-bedroom apartments, many turn to design agencies and construction companies. An approximate project of the interior of a one-room apartment can each be made by himself and include his own experience and wishes in it. Modern interiors of small rooms are characterized by laconicism, order and convenience. Visiting modern Kiev, going through the building and furniture shops, they can see examples of finishing baths, bedrooms and other rooms.

Modern styles of apartment design

If in possession there is at least one-room hruschevka, today, thanks to the abundance of various materials and interior items, it can be repaired, transformed beyond recognition. Modern styles and classical styles can be applied simultaneously. High-tech, minimalism, futurism, art deco, in its modern interpretation, will give any room of elegance. Many modern interesting ideas are embodied in large living rooms, which unite the kitchen and dining room. Comfort in such a room is achieved through the use of carefully selected elements of decor.

Many today prefer to do the finishing in calm, neutral tones. Beige color contrasts perfectly with the color of the walnut tree, with furniture of dark shades. Some homeowners like when in the bedroom or living room there are black steel elements. Industrial tone of housing can give a dark wallpaper, gray tiles in the bathroom or in the kitchen, especially in contrast to the bed colors. This combination of colors and tones gives a feeling of lightness and warmth.

Which apartment design to choose

Modern technology of interior design consists of several basic steps, actions of specialists. Designers usually go to the site, measure the premises, photograph them, make a technical assignment together with the owners, all this is included in the interior design services. After a conversation with the customer, they offer several options for finishing the housing, showing possible layouts.

Designers develop everything to detail, select materials, furniture, equipment, lighting and much more. They will make in the program 3d visualization of the premises, it will embody all the wishes of the client who ordered the interior design of the apartment.

After these steps are completed, the designer will develop the working documentation, make up the lists of finishing materials. The team of builders usually works under his supervision, according to his drawings and drawings, schemes. The designer often visits the object to be repaired, he photographs all the stages of construction, finishing the author’s supervision journal. It usually indicates shortcomings, customer wishes. After the end of all the works, when the furniture is already placed, curtains are hung, everything will be ready, the designer will take a picture of the object, this must be done to replenish the portfolio. If you entrust the builders to work without author supervision, you can face many difficulties. The work of the designer at all stages of repair is simply necessary.