Color in the interior

If you are planning to order interior design in Kiev and want to avoid mistakes, before the walls are painted.
You need to order a design project, where, according to your preferences, the designer will choose the color for your house. The problem can be that if this decision is made in a hurry, then this can cost you a long-term perspective. When the color can get bored, or cause irritation over time.

Observing several basic rules, a professional designer will help you in choosing the color scheme for the interior. Every year more and more new color schemes appear. In the work on the interior and space, the designer implies a certain emotion, mood. Today, warm, natural tones close to the natural environment are in fashion. They evoke emotions of stability, harmony, joy. The shades of white should bring freshness, airiness, and space to the interior of the house. Pure colors such as: blue, yellow, red cause imagination, creativity, intelligence. The final choice should be carefully selected in the final composition of the design project.