Design of a country house — interior and exterior

A country house is a comfortable place for a calm and measured life. Many dream to move to live outside the city, and now, when this moment comes, there is a need for its equipment. The design of a country house is an interesting project for the embodiment of real desires in compliance with the rules for the formation of the interior and exterior.

How to live comfortably and beautifully

The main objective in creating an interior is the harmony between the interior and exterior, as well as the organic compatibility with the landscape. All that professional designers work on is the creation of an attractive external design with a useful and comfortable filling. This also includes modern design trends and the implementation of the client’s requirements, according to his tastes.

Creation of exteriors of country houses and cottages

The exterior design of a country house is determined not only by preferences, but also by the technical parameters that are present at a particular facility. The task of this designer is an artistic vision and ability to design, they are embodied in an attractive and well-planned design of the exterior design of a country house.

Interior of a big country house

In a large house, complex work is required on the design of premises. One of the most popular techniques is the creation of an interior design that will not conflict in different rooms. This means respecting a single concept, even if the style details are different. Depending on the purpose of a zone in a country house, stylistic decisions can take more or less intensity.