Design of a two-room apartment

A large number of owners of apartments with two bedrooms irrationally use the living space. The simplest way to make a better layout of a two-bedroom apartment is to move the pantry completely and another «corner». In our situation, because of the chur, the long corridor leading to the kitchen, it takes a lot of space for us, and the kitchen is small enough.

How to improve the interior design of a two-room apartment

If you want to make the best interior of a two-room apartment with a small area, then you can not avoid redevelopment. Think about which rooms can occupy the necessary space. For example, we will make small changes in the design of the interior of a two-room apartment: we can remove one of the partitions and fit a bit, so we will reduce the long corridor and push aside the small kitchen.

In this article we offer you the interior design of a two-room apartment in a light and slightly archaic Greek style.

Redevelopment of a two-room apartment

After the redevelopment you can get an excellent kitchen, we will not load it with additional furniture and dishes. A kitchen set that extends all over the wall is rather unusual and elegant, has simple shapes. This interior has a simple ornament and is quite diverse.

The color of walls is better to make light and warm. From its own texture was also used a complex table with chairs, the style of which is present in the kitchen furniture, moving behind the seat of the armchair, flickering in the light of the tones on the table. All this will provide the interior of the kitchen with a general harmony and completeness.

The changes we made to the plan of an apartment with 2 bedrooms can lead to a smaller bedroom area. The situation in this case is preserved due to the fact that the Greek style is not based on a large number of different furniture, in connection with which we confine ourselves to the locker room and the bed.

When installing furniture in the bedroom it’s best to leave the corners free, in those places you can place a large mirror, if you like, and the possibility of a column, as in old Rome, only in a shortened version that is very suitable for the Greek style and at the same time Can «dilute» Spartan room, filling and decorating the empty space.

Bathroom Design

The bathroom is best decorated in a minimalist style. The bath that stands on the golden legs will look great on the white floor, it will be displayed through glossy ceramics. When choosing tiles for a bathroom in the Greek style, it is best to remain on a black and white tone, which is used in sinks and baths.

Decoration, which we know in the kitchen, will be able to provide a room with all living interiors, some unity, and visually make a living half-empty room.

Living room design

In a spacious and spacious living room, it’s best to put a couch and an armchair in the original shape, it will be fine if you still have one of the walls in which you install an electric fireplace.

A durable chair is ideal for relaxing. Light and bright curtains will visually «facilitate» the room, letting a large amount of light. A suspended ceiling light can brighten most of the living room, but still avoid using other light sources. A reading corner with a comfortable armchair and a warm blanket finely completes the renovation of a two-room apartment in Greek style. The design is made in Greek and minimalist styles

Before you begin to develop the interior, you also need to decide who exactly in this apartment will live, who wants to see their owners who set the task.

Because one thing is that the design project is created specifically for a family of two adults, and an entirely different thing when it is created for a family in which there are children.

General design of two-room apartment photo

In the first case, the design of a two-room apartment can be executed in accordance with a standard scenario: a bathroom, an entrance hall, a living room, a kitchen, a bedroom.
In the second case, all square meters must carry a constructive load, in this respect the separation of space must be fundamentally different as accurately as possible to break through into the zones.
Similarly, when designing an apartment with two bedrooms, the main thing is not to fill the spatial and spatial furniture, but to maximize it from a functional point of view.