Design of cottages

Housing outside the city is a dream for many who are tired of the bustle and constant movement. Acquisition of the desired plot of land or a country house in a cozy neighborhood about the dreams of the owner and the achievement of another goal in life. The next stage is the arrangement of one’s own dwelling in the manner that will bring comfort and joy.

The idea and realization of the cottage interior is a long and complex process. It requires a special approach, so many can not cope with all the tasks themselves. Here the professional design of cottages comes to the aid of complex work on creating a unique design solution. In cooperation with us, you get work from talented young authors who approach implementation in the most responsible way.

Possibilities for interior design of the cottage

The design of cottages is a mixture of creativity and construction technology. This synthesis allows you to embody the most daring ideas and ideas in life and to please every client. You just have to decide what you want to see in your home — from a general style to important details that will make it special.

Style of the cottage design

The choice of style in the design of cottages — quite responsible, because it’s the tone that will set the general mood. Here it is worth to rely on your own taste and be wary of current trends. All because the actual stylistic decisions are replaced by others and lose their former attractiveness, if they were not your favorites out of time.
The stylistics of the cottage can range from a completely democratic country style, to modern and bizarre high-tech. The design of the premises inside can differ from each other, and sometimes the whole cottage is designed in the same style with the addition of various details. It is worth noting that before the implementation of any project, it is first agreed with the client, adjusted, and then approved finally.

As for the exterior of the cottage — this is a business card, as the house from the outside will always be in sight. You can create a beautiful facade design with various finishes — decorative plaster, paint the surface of the walls with paint, siding or combined finish with stonework. Add to the literate cottage design can create a harmonious landscape atmosphere. Here in the course are plants, lawn cover, small sculptures, flower beds, fountains, ponds, as well as interesting lighting sources.

The design of cottages is always developed on the basis of the wishes of the client. Only in this way we manage to create for you an attractive and comfortable accommodation by ordering interior design services in Kiev, where it will be pleasant to be in any weather and time of day.