Design of the facade of the house

Facing the facade is a process that transforms the look of the house. Thus, you can update the exterior design of even the old house. Today there is a lot of option for the design of the facade — from decorative plaster to figured masonry, etc. Today we will consider the design of the facade of the house all the possibilities of decorating their advantages and disadvantages.

Plaster of the facade of the house

If earlier it was popular to use brickwork, and it represented the final design of the facade, then today this option is treated with caution. He still approaches the sites in the rustic style, but does not always fit into the modern landscape design on the site.
The simplest and most affordable way to change the color of the facade is to coat the plaster. It can be selected in any shade and texture, and also make unusual patterns on the walls or just a smooth surface. This method of finishing is called a «wet facade», since the substance that is applied to the wall has a liquid consistency.

Types of plaster for the facade

The design of the facade of the house can be created with the help of decorative plaster, which is presented in several compositions. The most accessible is plaster on a mineral basis. Among its advantages are low cost and good permeability, from disadvantages — poor plasticity of the composition, which generates a fairly high consumption of the substance.
Acrylic plaster on the contrary has a high plasticity, but permeability is quite small. The peculiarity of acrylic plaster is the ability to absorb dust and dirt, which negatively affects the appearance of the coating after a certain period. This kind of plaster is not suitable for houses located near motorways.
The design of the facade of the house with silicate plaster is a rather expensive procedure that justifies its investments. It has the advantages of all the previous ones: high plasticity, resistance to external conditions, and also «breathing» ability. The coating with silicone plaster does not burn out in the sun, which makes it durable enough and practical.

Siding for house casing

Siding — this is another version of the design of the facade of the house without the use of mixtures and solutions. Siding can be wooden or plastic, there is less metal. The PVC siding panel is a waterproof and waterproof material. They provide a reliable protection for the layer of thermal insulation, and do not require special care — just rinse with water under pressure. Siding made of wood is much more expensive than plastic, but it creates an extremely attractive design. Practicality is a rather subjective point, which depends on external factors and the general weather climate. To create a beautiful exterior design, consider the finishes that, above all, suit you. Then the design of the house will remain beautiful and well-groomed for many years.