The design of urban squares, parks, public gardens and fountains is a separate interesting direction. This development of the concept and designs for organization of urban environment that makes it beautiful and unique, creates comfort, provides information space for residents.

The improvement of the central city squares and squares is of great importance for creating a place of image of a city or a village. It forms in the inhabitants of the city and its guests a memorable image and characteristics of the city. The planning decision: a square or a city square depends on its location in the city. The main element of the square or square is usually a central platform with a sculpture, fountain or pool. Dimensions, shape and composition of the park or square from the deferred territory, the accepted layout of the area surrounding the building, possible ways of solving the functional problems. The variety of forms of squares already in ancient times was quite extensive. The historical birthplace and location of the areas can be considered ancient Rome. Here the construction of the square was always decided in connection with other large and small architectural buildings in combination with the road network, etc. The first open spaces in cities, formed using architectural and landscape methods, were the agora, forums and pedestrian streets of ancient Greece.