Elite interior design

Elite interior design as an art to translate dreams. The Ukrainian capital is famous for its great creativity of inhabitants. In particular, the creative spirit manifests itself in the elite design of interiors. For that can be more inspirational and more responsible! Let’s slightly open the veil and tell how this sacred process of elite design development is going on.

Elite interior design in Kiev — step by step recipe

The first step is the development of a high-quality and harmonious elite design project. It is with him that work begins on the future of elite design. This is a kind of work plan in which the designer tries to depict literally everything from general repair ideas (such as stylistic orientation) to indoor lighting and placement of elite furniture, from the color of the finishing materials in the amount of tiles in the bathroom. The correctness and clarity of the design project directly affects the possibility of full implementation of ideas in the future. In addition, an elite design project allows you to agree on all the details of the work with the customer: to consider how you can justify the expectations of the owner of the home for interior design.

To optimally use the available space and develop several options for placing furniture, draw an outline of the apartment. After that, the room is divided into functional areas, which can be separated from each other by various racks, curtains, partitions and the like — it all depends on the goals and objectives of the project. Also, no one has canceled some professional tricks of elite interior design. For example, it is known that white ceiling and light walls create a visual effect of space expansion, and large-format ceramic tiles — the effect of depth. For each specific case there is a professional «focus».

Symmetry, asymmetry, repetition, nuance, contrast — this is a small dictionary designer at the next stage of the work. After the division into functional zones and a kind of visual fragmentation of space, the main and additional compositional accents of the interior are determined. Using different techniques of composition, a sense of freedom and dynamism is achieved, or vice versa — a note of dimensionality and precise organization is added. As you know, changing the atmosphere in the house can dramatically change life.

Elite design of apartments in Kiev: dreams come true

Comfort and elegance, a successful combination of details and style, aesthetics and practicality are the main requirements that our design studio sets itself. In order to do our work as best as possible and create an original elite design, we try to find out how the customers live, who have future plans for them, why they repair and tasks them to the designer. This is the only way to properly prioritize and create something that truly inspires new achievements.

Kiev is the city of fulfillment of desires, and the elite interior design of apartments in Kiev should be appropriate: fully tailored to the tastes and preferences of the owner, conform to his habits, tastes, temperament, character and lifestyle, be modern and throw a vivid challenge to boring routine.