Interior design in Kiev

Do you want perfection in all spheres of life?
The interior of your home, apartment or office can also be even more attractive, interesting and functional. And the result was not disappointing, money and time were not wasted, trust your square meters to a professional interior designer in Kiev.

You will be surprised when you will see all the possibilities that make up the familiar space, it seems, during a professional design project! Beauty and reliability, convenience and functionality, a spirit close to the spirit, this is your understanding of comfort. You will understand that only in this situation, people always dreamed of spending time with their loved ones, adding their strengths, just living!

But the most surprising thing is that once to go to the room and say:
«Yes, I’m at home, and here I feel good!»

You do not need to make a huge effort, for example:

It is necessary to carefully examine assortment of all construction, furniture and other shops in the city;
Several times to change the curtains, because their tone does not match the colors of the chest;
To doubt whether these shades of yellow and turquoise, etc., will exactly combine …
You will only need to share your preferences in interior design, tell about what you would like to see in it. And share specific ideas and ideas if they already exist.

Interior design services in Kiev

We offer not only interior designer services, we create an interior in which you are so cozy and comfortable that you feel it like a second skin and the decor embodies the things that inspire you.

Design studio Olena Sidoruk is a creative association of professionals, which transforms residential and commercial objects into living space, filled with author’s furniture, made to order by hand-made sketches of our designers, unusual art objects that emphasize the individuality of your company, Copyright watercolors related to important events of your life or Ancient toys, created manually, especially for your interior.

Services of interior designers in Kiev — It’s something more than a design project. For the design studio — this is primarily the realization of all your wishes and ideas in a comfortable and personal space, whether it is a cozy and lively interior of a country home or a beautiful and functional interior of the office.