Interior design in loft style Kiev

Popularity recently acquired a style loft, which is observed, both in living quarters, and in various commercial establishments. There is a lot of controversy about this direction, but this only fosters interest in simple, but such interesting details.

Who likes loft style?

The minimalists. At any age, you can begin to profess the principles of minimalism, which also apply to the interior of housing. If we talk about interior design Kiev in the loft style is restraint, practicality and elegance in one bottle. That is why those who preferred to get rid of unnecessary details in their lives choose loft as the best habitat.
Creative nature. The loft philosophy proposes the use of open spaces and a minimum of partitions. People who like to create at any time of the day always like this, because everything is always at hand. Also, open spaces allow you to work in large creative groups, without feeling constrained and limited.

Owners of large apartments. The prospect of creating interior design from scratch in a huge room is a difficult task. It can be simplified by choosing a single style for the whole living space, even if it consists of several floors. The loft style is extremely simple, but it is impossible to create two identical copies in the interior design process.

How did the loft style appear?

Formation of the interior design of the apartment in loft style appeared in the forties of the last century. This was justified by the rise in prices for the rental of land in the central areas, so many preferred to move to the outskirts. Many buildings of industrial enterprises and factories equipped with ventilation pipes, metal and brick textures have also become empty. On the whole, a picture of a careless but clearly structured space was created. The love of the Bohemians to all the unknown and new led to the creation of a new style, which soon began to be considered elite.

How to create a loft-style room?

The main principle of creating interior design Kiev in the loft style is the observance of the balance of textures and colors. The working surfaces of the wall, floors and accessories are preferably selected in the following textures: metal, wood, brick, glass, steel. All these materials combine one factor — it is a homogeneous unobtrusive appearance.
The color palette that dominates the loft style is subdued, but rich in shades of black, green, brown, gray, red and blue. At will, you can add any colors to the interior in the form of accents, keeping the unsaturated homogeneous background.