Interior design modern trends from the designer

Beautifully designed interior design is not only functionality and originality, it creates the mood, personality of the people who live in it.

Combination of interior and exterior design of the house

Before you order a design of the facade of the house or the interior of the apartment, it is advisable to spend time thinking about your family and the way you live. That for you is convenient and priority in the interior. To do this, you need to view photos for inspiration and ideas, selecting those styles that are close to you in spirit. It can be modern style or classic. Particularly vividly different approaches and styles can be identified from the photos of living rooms or studios.

Since this zone is the face of any house. After a carefully planned living room, the designer moves on to design the kitchen, bedroom, bathrooms and a children’s room.

Features of interior design of a private house

The design of the living room begins with the definition of a focal point. So for example it could be a fireplace, a bay window or even a bookcase. If the room does not have a focal point, it can be created using artwork or a colorful carpet. Particular attention should be given to lighting. It is chosen not only for functionality, but also for visual attractiveness of the interior. It can brighten and emphasize the desired zone or part. Mood and originality in the interior design will help create a choice of colors, textures, furniture and accessories. The easiest way to create a mood is to start looking from some source of inspiration. It can be a favorite design, a favorite pillow, or an armchair.

The color scheme should always support the mood. In general, it is best to choose three colors: dominant for walls, secondary — which occurs in accessories, textures, textures and color accent. Which is used to saturate the interior with energy. Accent can be a game of textures in the room that give originality and special completeness to the project.

It should be understood that the price of interior design services can be different depending on the complexity of the project. Everything depends only on the complexity of the tasks assigned to the designer, but also on whether you refer to a designer who works privately or in a studio.