Interior design of a small kitchen

Important in the design of a small kitchen is the choice of finishing materials. Choosing the finishes for the repair of a small kitchen, remember, the main thing is that they are wear-resistant, reliable, easy to work. And, of course, they must meet the overall design decision of a small kitchen.

The quickest and easiest option is painting the walls. Thus, you can get almost any color and smooth surface without joints and tears. The paint used in such a room should be assigned to the appropriate properties of the kitchen, first of all, it must be waterproof and easy to wash. In case of uneven walls, it is better to use wallpaper. Special wallpapers are made of vinyl or fiberglass, that is, materials that do not burn and are resistant to moisture.

A popular solution in the interior design of a small kitchen

The most popular solution in the interior design of a small kitchen is the ceramic tile. It is very resistant to high temperatures and water, easy to clean. As a rule, they are used between furniture and pendant lockers, above the countertop and the stove, that is, where the walls are most susceptible to contamination. Laying tiles requires hiring a specialist, and good products of this type are not the cheapest option. At the same time, in the long run this is a very profitable investment, because such processing will last for many years without the need for replacement or correction.

Design of a small kitchen floor

Paul in a small kitchen has to wash often, because you need to put on the floor coating is resistant to moisture and easy to clean. In this regard, the best is the traditional ceramic tile. Ceramic granite also has similar properties, an interesting alternative is a stone floor, for example, granite or slate, which is suitable for modern interiors. In a small kitchen, which is open to the living room, you can choose the floor of wood.

Proper lighting in a small kitchen is another very important element that can not be missed. Proper lighting will create a pleasant mood, but will also facilitate cooking. It is necessary to mount the lamps in a central place on the ceiling. In a small kitchen the lamp should be directly above the table, as an option to put two lamps over the table and in the very center of the cabin.

Small Kitchen Lighting Design

Of crucial importance for convenience and functionality is the correct lighting of workplaces, that is, countertops, stoves and sinks, the most practical solution is to place lamps in the holes that are cut out at the bottom of the kitchen cabinets. Thanks to this, it is possible to achieve uniform illumination of all important surfaces in the interior design of a small kitchen. It is worth paying attention to the fact that such a solution will contribute to the careful removal of contaminants and maintain a high level of hygiene. At the same time it can perform decorative function, it will become an interesting decoration of the interior of a small kitchen. See all prices for interior design services from the designer Elena Siloruk