Interior design of apartment rooms

The design of the room begins with the choice of a general concept and style. Different styles dictate a special atmosphere in the house. So, for example, the classical style is a state of respectable comfort, the avant-garde is considered a style of dynamics and energy, breaking stereotypes.

Interior design of the living room

The greatest attention is paid to the design of the living room. Be it the interior of an apartment or a private house. The task in the design of living rooms is to embody all the tastes of the family and create an atmosphere of ease and cosiness for the guests. Since the living room is much more than watching TV on the couch, this is the place where you should feel safe and happy. Living rooms you can see at my site in the interior of the house.

Interior design of a children’s room

No less interesting for the designer is the design of the nursery. Here you can realize the boldest ideas and dreams of the child. The key task, however, is to store and organize the space of such rooms. Since in the small bedroom should fit and work area and furniture for storage of things. Decorating the children’s room opens up a whole world of new opportunities for little wizards. This is an excuse to be bold and original in design.

Here relevant bright colors, funny photo wallpapers and original modular furniture. Any detail, be it a bookshelf or a bright rug, can be creative and attract the attention of the child, create a special holiday atmosphere. Children’s style can be both defiantly bright and gently dreamy.

The main thing that the child felt comfortable in it.
Whether it’s the interior design of a one-room apartment, an elite cottage or a Khrushchev’s for a designer, everywhere there is a place for creativity. And a small Khrushchevka can be turned into a stylish cozy corner where you will want to return after work home. Have a drink with friends hot tea or relax in a warm bath.