Interior design of one-room apartment

One bedroom apartment is a fairly ergonomic and functional space. Its arrangement is characterized by the need for competent planning. This includes the creation of a common interior, the layout of furniture, a certain decor and so on. To stay in a one-room apartment was comfortable, use several tips before proceeding with its design.
It is worth noting that a one-room apartment is not only one room for everything, but also an entrance hall, a bathroom, a bathroom and a kitchen. All these zones should be designed harmoniously, so that one room smoothly flowed into another, albeit small. First, decide on the necessary accent. This means that your lifestyle should reflect the interior design of the apartment.

Modern interior design of a one-room apartment

If for you in the priority of home rest, it is worth taking care of a beautiful bed and an additional source of muted lighting. Then in the interior can prevail warm pastel colors, which contribute to relaxation. And if you are interested in the functional layout of the interior design of 1 apartment, pay attention to the ergonomic bed, and focus on the places for storage. Also, do not forget about the cosiness to the room, which is attached to various accessories and decor items.
Interior designers always pay due attention to the light in the apartment. Despite the small space of one-room apartment, it is necessary to equip it with light sources, in particular, if the natural rays did not give the space with generosity. As we noted earlier, additional lights will help you create a lighter atmosphere in the dark. Some tricks, such as the use of mirrors, glossy stretch ceilings and light walls as a canvas are also a good tool for increasing lighting.

Select the interior design of the 1st apartment

The interior design of a one-room apartment also means attention to detail. They belong to the combination of colors in the room among themselves, accessories like curtains, rugs, plants, blankets, pillows and so on. All because to create a truly harmonious design, you need to pay attention to small accents and create a neutral background for the 1st apartment. The background can include walls, floors and sometimes even furniture. The meaning lies in the ability to vary the mood by simply changing the familiar accessories to something new or relevant in a particular season.

And finally, to overestimate your view of the furniture transformer. At all simple construction can serve quite functional when moving it to another position. This is especially advantageous when there is not much space in the room, and you can not refuse to use one or more objects. The investment in transforming furniture really pays off when its operation becomes familiar.