Interior design of studio apartment

In Kiev, to find their own housing, which would be at a price and at the same time in terms of area, it is not so simple. Spacious apartments in new buildings are not available to everyone and therefore one-room and small two-room apartments are in great demand. In such cases, it is worthwhile to look at the apartment design option
What is the interior design studio apartment. First of all, this space apartment in which there are no capital walls or there are no partitions between the kitchen and the room. In other words, the studio apartment is a large room without dividing the walls

Choosing the design of the studio apartment you need to understand that the missing partitions can be replaced with furniture, wardrobe, bed, sofa. The choice of such a variant of housing is in great demand because of the affordability of the price. Also, we must not forget that the design of the studio apartment interior can be applied on a large area, in one word creativity has no limit in the design. If we talk about the history of the origin of the interior design of studio apartments, he came to us from Europe and in the middle of the 90’s he was not very popular. This style of housing is most interesting to creative people, but also enjoys considerable demand among others.

Interior design of a small studio apartment

If we talk about small square meters of housing, then even in such cases, you can come up with a beautiful interior design for a small studio apartment. Solve the problem with space can be thanks to furniture. For today in Ukraine it is not difficult to choose and order built-in furniture for your interior design. When designing a design, it is also necessary to adhere to minimalism, without unnecessary decor elements. Given that many developers in the real estate market in Kiev offers small studio apartments to pick up a ready-made design solution will not be a problem

Creating an interior design studio apartment

If you decide to live in an apartment studio, you need to consider that it is better to buy an apartment already without bearing walls. The choice of living space in the old house for such a layout is not suitable, it is better to look in new buildings, where it is provided by the developer. You buy bare four walls and already create your own unique interior design studio apartments. When creating a design, you need to take into account the location of the bathroom and toilet, and then already make the arrangement and layout of furniture according to your preference, do everything as convenient as possible