Interior design of the living room in a modern style

Planning a repair or want to do a little make-up indoors? There is an excuse to get rid of the solutions already gone in the interior design and let something new into the familiar surroundings of your home. It is important to note that when creating a design project it is very important to choose such elements that will be long-lasting and universal, will not become mauvais in the next season.

Ideas for modern living room interior design

This season is marked by a return to the fashion of minimalism, restraint and ergonomics. In the framework of such a global simplification, the loft, modern, romantic and classic style is preferably used. At the same time, the predilection of designers for the abundance of decorative details was replaced by the rejection of many of them, the relief of the interior. Free space is balanced by the availability of independent equipment and furniture, which attracts attention with external design.

Creating a modern interior design of the living room

What do project design forecasts promise in the new season as solutions for the living room? They are aimed at harmony in the life of a person living in a dynamic rhythm of life. The main trends are comfort, coziness and warmth. Creation of such an atmosphere in the living room allows you to relax and fully rest in the walls of your home, as well as with dignity to receive guests or gather in the family circle.
The textures and colors are mostly calm in the modern design of the living room. Correctly played out textures of wood, metal and natural stone bring naturalness and a little negligence to the living room, which creates the same atmosphere of tranquility. As for the bright accents, there are no restrictions on the color palette. The only rule is the use of juicy shades in a small volume, so that they create a twist, not turning the room into a set of motley rags.

Bedroom interior design in modern style

It should be noted that naturalness is particularly evident in the design of bedroom projects. Trends focus on gentle shades and flowing lines, and as a contrast, natural wood, abundant warm lighting and soft textiles are used. In the bedroom it is important to create a cozy atmosphere, even if the stylistics of the room will be significantly different from other premises in the house.

Interior design of the living room in a modern style photo

If during the repair you are lost in the proposed modern design, take ready-made photo solutions that are at the height of popularity. Using interesting lighting in the form of large lampshades and hanging chandeliers transforms the situation of any room, creating unusual shadows. Do not be afraid also to experiment with natural light — in a trend panoramic windows or frames of non-standard shape and size. If there is a possibility to deviate from the usual design, create your own unique layout look at the photo of the modern interior design of the living room. Inspiration can be found in examples of interiors popular in the 60-80s — the retro style continues to build up an army of fans, and ready-made solutions will not let you get confused and push for the right choice of interior design.