Modern interior design in 2017

Modern style is now experiencing a new wave of popularity. Especially often it is associated with a so-called Scandinavian style.

What is the interior design of 2017

First of all, this connection with the environment. The desire to return to constructions with simpler and cleaner lines. The architecture of houses with large windows that are in harmony with the surrounding nature.
As for the colors, next year in the interior design in the Scandinavian style will be popular blue color, available in several shades: turquoise, dark blue, azure as the color of the glacier. A small impregnation of black will add elegance to the Scandinavian interior. In small doses, it is perfectly combined with white and flowers of the tree. And finally, the third winter color is gray.

It is not something new, but its shades become richer: dark gray, light gray, pearls. It looks best in textiles: the upholstery of a sofa, on cushions, curtains. Which will create an unrivaled comfort in your home.