Modern trends in the world of space design

To date, visual impact is a key theme in the modern interior. Modern photo printing, 3 d prints are becoming more popular.

Whether it’s interesting textures, stylish geometric patterns or photographic images, they all find space in the interior of 2017. As for the color palette this year, the interior design comes in soft colors of smoky, pastel, metallic shades, sea tones and vibrant fruity colors. Do not go out of fashion game of white with neutral pastel tones. In the materials of finishing, more and more preferences are given to natural textures: animal, vegetable, mineral.

The more authentic the material, the more interesting it looks in modern design. Each detail of which can be appreciated. Extraordinary grace is given to rounded forms in the form of hanging drops, which seem to have accidentally grown in the interior. This trend is manifested in lighting, products and metal, glass. All new influences come to us from Africa, Asia, the East, they are manifested in mixing, patterns, colors, textures. The influence of different cultures gives us new interpretations for the flight of fantasy.