Novelties and Trends in Interior Design 2017

Nature and natural motifs prevail in the modern interior. More and more eco-style preferences.
Semi-precious stones, coral-decorated details, animal figures add chic and elegance to the modern interior. Festive mood will help to give the interior shiny metal and ceramics. Expensive high-quality finishing materials, ethnic motifs, rich color accents will help decorate the design of the house in 2017.

Interest and uniqueness in the modern interior will help create a decor of semiprecious stones, colored glass and exclusive products made of wood. Metal accents are not limited to lighting, they are present in accessories, watches, furniture. The tree is displayed in its natural form, the more natural its appearance, the more elegant it looks in the interior. A special highlight in decorating the interior is agate. It can be found on the handles of furniture, in tile patterns, in a wall panel, modern sculpture.